quarta-feira, julho 29, 2009

H1N1- Participem do Estudo

Dear friends

The ESICM, at the request from many colleagues, with a significant number from outside Europe (specially South-America and Asia) decide to set-up an international registry on cases of Influenza A H1N1 admitted to ICUs. We send the letter bellow to all ESICM members last week and received up to now more than 400 answers. We were wondering if you and your societies (AMIB, SOTIRGS, SOTIERJ) would like to join the initiative and help us to reach as many interested people as possible. The Country coordinator for Brazil will be Eliézer Silva.
Please note that this is an academically-driven, completely industry-free exercise, that intends to improve our knowledge of the magnitude and the implications for intensive care professionals of this global problem.
Thank you in advance.
Warmest regards,

Thiago Lisboa for The ESICM H1N1 Flu Registry on Intensive Care Steering Committee
Dear Colleague,
As I am sure that you are aware, the pandemic related to influenza A novel H1N1
variant virus is becoming an increasing health problem, with an increasing number of
critically ill admissions to Intensive Care. To date this has been mainly a problem in
the Southern hemisphere and USA, Canada, Spain and the UK. We can be fairly
confident that other European countries will soon start to see similar issues.
With any new disease or illness, there is always going to be a degree of uncertainty
around the spread, the severity of the disease and the ultimate outcome. This
uncertainty breeds fear and often inappropriate comments and thoughts.
We feel that it is important for the European Society of Intensive Care Medicine to be
helping our members (and the wider community) in understanding what is happening,
what can be done and also perhaps what we should be doing in the future. We have
therefore set up a web based resource, linked to our home page that will become
both a repository of information and also a Registry for cases admitted to Intensive
Care. The URL for this site is http://www.H1N1registry.com. We hope that this
repository will soon contain all the necessary and available information on this
disease process. Please visit the site and also send to us any additional papers or
information that you feel should be included. We would ask for you to send these
documents by email through to myself at committee@h1n1registry.com.
One of the more important parts of this site is the online Registry for critically ill
admissions related to H1N1 influenza. I would invite all of you as ESICM members to
join in with this project and to include your patients in our Registry. We would hope
that by including sufficient numbers of patients we would be able to acquire data that
would help us in future planning for this (and other) pandemics and also help us in
understanding how severity of presentation relates to outcome and also how we
should manage and support these patients. There are now key individuals in most
countries who have agreed to act as national coordinators for this project. I
would ask each of you to contact your National coordinator and get access to the
registry through them so that you can include your patients. If any of you lives in a
country that as of yet does not have a National coordinator, please contact me on the
above email address and I will arrange for the necessary access details myself.
The current list of National coordinators is listed at the end of this email. If your
country is not yet listed please contact us directly.
Despite the summer, these are times for action, and as intensivists we are used to be
on the front line fighting for the health of our patients. We count on the collaboration
of all.
With kindest regards
The ESICM H1N1 Flu Registry on Intensive Care Steering Committee
Jordi Rello
Rui Moreno
Andrew Rhodes
Charles Sprung
Thiago Lisboa